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The next Sacred Cacao Dance is going to be in JULY!

If you want to join us be added to the Waiting List by completing the form so we can let you be the first to know when tickets go on sale!


Step into this journey with us to connect with the gentle yet powerful plant medicine – Mama Cacao.

Joining hearts with like-minded individuals as we set intentions to follow our body’s guidance for healing through dance. Our intention in crafting this sacred space is to release stagnant energy and cultivate new, beautiful light energy. The combination of ceremony, connection, music, and dance forms a perfect blend of medicine and alchemy.

Starting with a meaningful Cacao Ceremony to connect with our inner wisdom we’ll then be guided by the rhythmic beats of the shamanic drum as we tune into our body and breath. DJ Siany will then invite us to freely express ourselves as she plays inspiring live music, empowering us to release any lingering lower energies through dance. This combined state of movement with music is an invitation to experience a blissful state, feeling renewed, invigorated, and re-energised.

The space is perfectly equipped for receiving this frequency medicine, with featured lighting, and plenty of room to move or be in stillness.

No expectations here, come as you are, dressed however you feel comfortable and unwind from life’s stresses. Gather with like-minded souls for a no booze no shoes, and pure hearts, pure intentions event.


Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao has been used for centuries as a “plant medicine” due to its heart opening qualities and wide-ranging health benefits, and when grown and consumed consciously, carries a vibrational quality that opens us up to a higher level of healing. Cacao ceremonies bring us together to share an intention, and by consuming ceremonial grade cacao, we hope to achieve a deeper state of meditation.

Cacao is raw, unprocessed chocolate in its purest form. Ceremonial grade cacao is typically sourced from Central and South America, where the beans are grown by local tribes, prepared by hand and harvested with love. When ingested, it helps to release ‘feel good’ hormones and endorphins, including theobromine, dopamine, and anandamide. Cacao can be useful in reducing stress, improving mental agility and improving blood flow. It is not psychoactive, but many people enjoy a beautiful physical and emotional journey during the meditation. Cacao is quite simply, a gentle facilitator for a connecting with your true heart and bringing out feelings of love and gratitude.

Preparation guidelines

Please ensure you are hydrated before and during the event and you may want to bring your own non-alcoholic drink of choice. Water is best which will be available, as well a selection of herbal teas.

We recommend not eating a heavy meal two hours prior to the ceremony and to eat lightly during the day. We also advise reducing dairy and caffeine intake on the day which will help receive the benefits of the Cacao.


Antidepressants: Theobromine in Cacao contains natural MAOIs which could affect the medication for a short time.

Heart conditions: Cacao is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, increasing flow and heart rate, reducing blood pressure if it’s high.

Pregnant or breastfeeding: A smaller serving is recommended.

By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing there are no contraindications and you are able to partake in the Cacao Ceremony safely.


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