Divine Feminine Womb Healing

So what is Divine Feminine Womb Healing?

Divine Feminine Womb Healing can help women awaken their authentic femininity and heal hurt and patterns created by modern life.  Your role is to live as an empowered, sensual, creative and spiritual being that embrace your divine feminine energy and balance it with your divine masculine energy.

I offer women the opportunity to explore their path to the pure energy of the Divine Feminine helping women reconnect, awaken and remember their own intuitive feminine womb wisdom gifts and support them on their discovery back to the Divine Feminine energy we all hold.

This work is important to help women heal old wounds, to remember and embody the Divine Feminine energy we have so that we can create a world that is more in balance. 

The womb healing sessions may be able to help reduce physical symptoms, rebalance hormones and offer emotional relief and release the energy you may still be holding which is not serving you, potentially creating blockages in your energy system.

Women have been made to adapt to a world that does not honour the wisdom and cyclical nature we embody. On top of the social constraints which do not always serve us too many women have experienced trauma. This can include more subtle forms of trauma perhaps shaped by those around us, our lineage, mother and father wounds which caused us to have beliefs about ourselves, our value as women. Sometimes even the subtlest of ‘trauma’ may cause a physical manifestation/ symptoms

There are some forms of trauma that are more obvious, experiences which have led to our boundaries being breached physically, perhaps abuse, trauma around pregnancy or birth. All of theses experiences can have an impact not just on our emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing but our physical wellbeing. Our body can hold on to deep trauma and it tells us something is out of balance.


When we connect with our womb or womb space, we are not just connecting with it physically, we are also connecting to a very powerful Sacred energy centre. The seat of our power, the space in which we create and bring forth our manifestations. Whether this is art, poetry, building businesses, cooking, creating a home, raising children. All of this creation comes from our womb space and our Sacral energy centre, our womb space.  

A Divine Feminine Womb Healing session is specifically to balance the energies within your womb space and womb energy.

This gentle healing using the energy of the Divine Feminine will help to rebalance your female energies and subtly support you as you go through your next cycle.

This focuses on:

  • Healing aspects of the four female archetypes that energetically may be blocked.
  • Balancing the flow of energy between the archetypes, bringing balance to the menstrual cycle and to a woman’s life.
  • Bringing alignment to The Three Keys energy centres, clearing and balancing the flow of energy and consciousness between them.

Sessions can be held remotely as long as you are in a space you will be uninterrupted. As an energy healer, all energy can cross time and space, I can connect to your energy even if you are on the other side of the world so rest assured the session will be effective for you. (Tues/Weds/Thurs and some evenings) Remote sessions can work well if you want to be tucked up in bed to receive the healing.

I also have a sacred space at my home, Great Baddow Essex. (Tues/Weds/Thurs)

I can incorporate other energy healing into the session. Each session is holistic and I will adapt to what is needed at the time.

With love




If you would like to incorporate an element of ceremony into your special occasion, such as a Baby Shower, Hen celebration or a daughter coming into womanhood (Menstruation) or any other event.  I can create a bespoke ceremonial ritual for you.  Please contact me with details of what you would like and we can explore together what would work to bring a deeper meaning to your occasion.

Women’s Circle

If you attend one of my Women’s Circles in person I occasionally share a blessing to help you tune into the subtlety of our Divine Feminine Energy.