Moon Mother®

So what’s a Moon Mother®?

I must admit I’ve found it tricky to explain at first and I’m still finding better ways to explain what a Moon Mother is.

A Moon Mother is someone that is called in her heart to help women awaken their authentic femininity and heal hurt and patterns created by modern life.  Her role is to help women live as empowered, sensual, creative and spiritual beings that embrace their divine feminine energies.

To be a Moon Mother is a path of deep personal and spiritual development that is beautiful and inspiring by sharing Divine Female Awakening and Female Energy Balancing.  Also known as Womb Blessing® and Womb Healing.

Being a Moon Mother® is choosing a path of love and Divine Feminine on Earth, caring for women and our self.

As a Moon Mother®, I’m able to offer women the opportunity to explore their path to the pure energy of the Divine Feminine.  Through sharing the Moon Mother® energies with women is to help them reconnect, awaken and support them on their discovery back to the Divine Feminine energy we all hold.

This work is important to help women heal old wounds, to remember and embody the Divine Feminine energy we have so that we can create a world that is more in balance. 

When we connect with our womb or womb space, we are not just connecting with it physically, we are also connecting to our energy centre.  

Female Energy Awakening/Womb Blessing ®

This is a beautiful gentle awakening of female energy which consists of:

  • Awakening deeper awareness of the Divine Feminine within women in their lives
  • Awaken repressed and dormant aspects of the four female archetypes
  • Awaken increasing understanding in women of their femininity and their path in life and to give them the courage to express their authentic nature
  • Awaken, energise and heal the three main female energy centres.
  • Awaken women’s ability to love
  • Clear old patterns and blocks
  • Heal the deep patterns of women’s ancestry and past
  • Energise the woman’s womb energy centre, returning depleted energy and bringing completeness
  • Ground and centre women more deeply in the Earth and in their relationship with Mother Earth
  • Bring increasing self-empowerment and a sense of peace, self-acceptance and self-love
  • Bring healing to all levels of women’s being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Confirm and validate women’s femininity, their sense of who they truly are and grant the freedom to be female in all it’s wonderful expressions and archetypes.

Each Womb Blessing ® builds on the previous one making the Womb Blessing ® a path of self-discovery and spiritual development and awakening our authentic female nature.

A session is £60 for approximately an hour.

Female Energy Balancing/Womb Healing

This is specifically to help balance the energies within your womb space and womb energy.  Our cyclical nature is unsupported by modern life, so often women are burnt out or unable to allow their cyclical nature to flow.  This creates imbalances with our inner cycle and our external world.  

This gentle healing using the energy of the Divine Feminine will help to rebalance your female energies and subtly support you as you go through your next cycle.

This focuses on:

  • Healing aspects of the four archetypes that are already awake in a woman’s life but which are depleted or blocked.
  • Activating and balancing the flow of energy between the archetypes, bringing balance to the menstrual cycle and to a woman’s life.
  • Bringing healing to the three female energy centres, clearing and balancing the flow of energy and consciousness between them.

The Womb Healing session can also support the following:

  • A woman who has received the Womb Blessing ® Attunement /Female Energy Awakening to support her with the clearing, healing and integration
  • A woman who is not ready to receive the Female Energy Awakening/ Womb Blessing ®
  • A woman when she is not well enough to receive the Womb Blessing ® Attunement
  • A pregnant woman who is no longer able to receive the Womb Blessing ® (Early pregnancy, pre 20 weeks)
  • Girls (7 years old and older) as they approach their first menstruation

A session is £60 for approximately an hour.

Holistic Approach

 All Moon Mothers®, no matter where in the world you receive the above, all carry out the Womb Blessing ® and Womb Healing in exactly the same way with exactly the same energy.  However, some Moon Mothers® are also qualified in other healing modalities.  

I am able to offer a holistic approach as a Reiki Master and as a Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner and as a facilitator of Sacred Spaces and Women’s Circles.  So if you would like to incorporate any other modalities we can work out the best session for you.

For example I could offer a Female Energy Balancing session followed by Reiki or I can offer Birth Trauma Recovery debrief followed by Reiki.


If you would like to incorporate an element of ceremony into your special occasion, such as a Baby Shower, Hen celebration or a daughter coming into womanhood (Menstruation) or any other event.  I can create a bespoke ceremonial ritual for you.  Please contact me with details of what you would like and we can explore together what would work to bring a deeper meaning to your occasion.

Women’s Circle

If you attend one of my Women’s Circles in person you will receive a Cauldron Energiser of Divine Feminine energy if you wish. 

Worldwide Womb Blessing®

Please also sign up for the Worldwide Womb Blessing® if this speaks to you.  Details can be found here