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Hello Lovely!

Clare Curtis Wellbeing and the #MothersSupportingMothers ethos is all about supporting women on the wondrous and bumpy ride that is motherhood.

Motherhood is constant and starts from the moment you discover you’re pregnant.  Instant worry about everything, completely normal…  You know it’s gonna be great but you in reality just don’t know what to expect.  You may be in denial and believe your life isn’t going to change that much, right?  I’m here to tell you it will change my Lovely and that it’s going to be ok.  I’ve got your back and if you know you have people in your corner that know exactly what you’re going through then that’s a great start!  A new baby is all about having the best start possible for them and importantly for you, this is the start of a new life for you too and it starts in pregnancy.

So, if your journey with me starts during pregnancy, I can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed as your body adapts to your growing baby.  I have so much knowledge to share that can make you more comfortable and that will form part of your birth prep.  I can help you connect mind and body so you have the knowledge and confidence to trust in your body, baby and instincts during birth.  There are certain techniques that will help you in labour and some will benefit you still in motherhood.

I can also help you and your birth partner prepare for labour giving you tools to enable labour to flow and so your birth partner doesn’t feel like a spare part, their role is far more important than you or they realise!

Or perhaps your journey with me starts once your baby is earth side….

The Fourth Trimester can be amazing if you know what to do for your wellbeing, have the right support and allow yourself time to heal.  AND the first year with a new baby is the hardest! My community may be just the place to connect with women that lift each other and gets you through the hardest days or just allows you to be yourself and enjoy some sisterhood vibes!

Heres’ a bit more about the services I offer and how I may be able to support you as you step into this adventure!