Intuitive Energy Alchemy

Reiki Leigh-on-sea

Intuitive Energy Alchemy Healing Sessions

Each session is unique, bespoke and tailored to what you need. I read the energy intuitively and we can briefly talk about what you need from the session. I will consciously allow the process to unfold determined by the energy and what needs to be cleared, cleansed, renewed.

Sessions will always be for your highest good. My energy is protected and so will your energy when we are working together.

My sessions can include guidance and messages, this is not guaranteed however this does happen frequently. I use crystals, I may use sound and frequency tools, we can cut cords if necessary, a bespoke meditation may arise, I may be led to write something for you or provide psychic insights which I can share with you if you wish. This is why each session is intuitive and bespoke to what you need. If it is simple relaxation and a physical, emotional, mental balancing you need this is more than possible. This is why I ensure I am clear on what you need so I can work with your energy and your intention.

The session will be nurturing and relaxing ~ if you do want me to share any the insights I will do this after so you can enjoy the connection to yourself during the divine time you have gifted yourself.

I follow up after the session and it may include further recommendations for you and ways to integrate the new energy you are inviting in.

I call all of this my Holistic Energy Prescription.

I consider these sessions a thorough spring clean of your energy field, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will feel nurtured, relaxed, refreshed ~ auras soothed, energy centres balanced and your energy will begin to flow again as the knots of energy not serving you loosen.

If you have a specific symptom or issue then we can arrange regular sessions however ultimately go with what feels right for you. Sessions with me can be very powerful and can create big shifts for you to integrate so I would recommend a minimum of a month between sessions.

Sessions can be held remotely as long as you are in a space you will be uninterrupted. As an energy healer, all energy can cross time and space, I can connect to your energy even if you are on the other side of the world so rest assured the session will be effective for you. (Tues/Weds/Thurs and some evenings) Remote sessions can work well if you want to be tucked up in bed to receive the healing.

I also have a sacred space at my home, Great Baddow Essex. (Tues/Weds/Thurs)

I can incorporate other energy healing into the session. Each session is holistic and I will adapt to what is needed at the time.

With love



” I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Clare to help with stressful events in life when I’ve felt the need for time out for myself. I find the sessions so relaxing, walking away feeling like I’ve had a thorough mind and body massage. Clare has the most amazing energy and hands down her treatments provide a better experience of Reiki than I’ve experienced with others. I truly believe she has a gift. She is intuitive, caring and passionate about what she does”

THANK YOU so much. For everything. Yesterday’s session was very much needed, I’m grateful to you and amazed by your magic!””

“My Reiki sessions with Clare helped to restore balance and calm to my hectic, and often stressful life as a busy working Mum. The sessions themselves were relaxing and soothing but I felt the real benefits post treatment. Clare’s Reiki gave me renewed energy throughout my body as well as better sleep patterns. I would highly recommend Clare’s treatments and have complete confidence in her as a practitioner.”

“I was a little unsure of how this could possibly work but was completely thrown by how accurate and informed Clare was with key conditions that I had not mentioned to her.  Totally recommend her. Fantastic session and would recommend to everyone.”