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How Pregnancy Yoga helps you connect with your baby

Pregnancy Yoga Essex

Pregnancy yoga

Why join a pregnancy yoga class? There are some obvious benefits…

  • It helps you stay fit and healthy in a gentle way during pregnancy
  • Helps you enjoy time just for you and your baby to relax and connect with other pregnant women
  • The movements help you feel more comfortable in pregnancy and will play a part in an active birth
  • Then there’s the connection

But how…

Connection with your body, connection between your body and mind, connection with your body mind and breath, AND connection with your baby.

It’s taking the time to understanding your body, appreciating how amazing it is and how every breath you are taking is keeping your baby filled with healthy nutrients, oxygen, noticing how you are giving and creating life… to this wonderful being growing within you.

Visualisation of your baby during classes, taking that time, those precious moments in your busy week to be still, or just notice and FEEL how YOU are changing and how YOUR life is evolving, being aware of the subtle yet strong connection between you and your baby.  It’s a special time and you deserve to immerse yourself in it.  A relaxing Pregnancy Yoga class is time when you can appreciate the miracle that is YOU being your unborn baby’s universe, establishing the connection now that is the start of your relationship.  Perhaps the start of you connecting with your feminine energy and the understated yet ever present gentle power you have?

The adjustment into motherhood can feel a bit like being hit by a bus, did I warn you how honest I am?! Some may take it in their stride, however, in my experience, especially as a first time mum it can be a real test of our metal.  What can help ease us into motherhood is that growing awareness, the pause in between the crazy busy lives we lead, the arrival of our baby can help us tune into our maternal instincts more acutely, it can help ease our way into an adjustment of mindset and an adjustment of how our bodies are changing, softening and preparing for our babies needs.

All of this helps us to connect with our unborn baby.  So when the time comes, we’re less like a rabbit in headlights, we’ve learnt to appreciate the simple moments, learnt to marvel at how incredible our bodies are, how incredible you are and know that making time for you ultimately will help you and your baby when they’re earth side.

Time focused just on you and your baby is nurturing you both.  Preganancy Yoga is an experience you’re enjoying together that provides benefits for you both now and in those early days and weeks.  Savouring your pregnancy, the blessing of what bringing a new life into the world means… or perhaps allowing yourself time to reflect, allowing yourself to let out tension you might be feeling, the time invested in connecting with other women on a similar path to you at this time in your life, learning to listen to your body and the adjustments you need to make for your baby, THIS is how pregnancy yoga can help you connect with your baby.

It is precious time in pregnancy you won’t get back.  It’s a special time to bond before your baby is even in your arms, soak it up…

Much love