How are you feeling? Congratulations to you on this wonderful time in your life!

Whether you’re here because you’re expecting a baby or because you’re interested in one of my mum and baby classes you’re very welcome to have a nose around and see if you like my energy and ethos and what I can do for you.

So, what can I do for you?


I run Pregnancy Yoga classes, however what I can do for you is more than just exercise, relaxation and showing you yoga moves that are suitable in pregnancy. I’ll tell you what postures and movements help with what.. Heartburn? No problem I can help ease that, swollen ankles, yes that too, achey back…. yep, I don’t know anyone that gets away without some kind of back ache or rib pain. I can help with that too, most of the time. 😉

Anyway that’s just the tip of the iceberg because I can give you so much more!

If you’re feeling anxious about your pregnancy or birth, my classes will make you feel calm and positive. If you’re nervous and doubt you can do it, yes, I know these feelings and with a lot of the stories we hear about birth it’s not surprising we may doubt ourselves, however I’m here to help you understand and believe in yourself, birth CAN be a positive experience.  Regardless of the turns it may take, it’s about how you prepare.

You may have grown up hearing about birth from other people or learnt through watching dramatic scenes on TV that you’re waters will break and you have to make a frantic dash to the hospital or birth portrayed as a woman on her back screaming like a wild banshee.  Well, I’m here to tell you that actually you are perfectly designed to give birth, sometimes we need professional assistance in labour but your body and your baby KNOW what to do.

Ok so now I might be losing you a bit, but think of this. We are the only mammal not to trust our bodies and our instincts. WHY?  Because we have been led to believe all our lives birth is horrendous. A natural beautiful birth doesn’t make great television.  People share the bad experiences they’ve had, yet I wonder if they were given the opportunity for their birth to flow? Did they understand what there needs would be in birth and were they informed enough to know what would help them? Or perhaps they were scared or felt vulnerable so birth stopped and interventions were needed… Every birth is different, I get that but I want you to know that you can do this. I’m realistic and sometimes we need a helping hand and sometimes we have beautiful planned and unplanned caesareans. No matter what, you deserve a positive pregnancy and birth experience, your baby does too. It’s the best start you can give yourselves.

I can help ease your mind and give you the TRUTH about childbirth. The TRUTH about your body and how amazing it is.  I can give you the knowledge back that over generations and generations we’ve lost touch with.  You know what to do, your body knows what to do and my classes will help you tune back into that inner wisdom and listen to your body.  Trusting yourself and your instincts will help you in motherhood and learning to listen to your body’s needs will help you postnatally.

And why am I all for good starts? It can make such a difference to your arrival into motherhood. A crappy experience could leave you feeling depleted and prevent the natural flow of hormones that help you in those early days, weeks and months.

My first birth experience was crappy, I thought I got it but I totally didn’t. I did not understand enough. The knowledge I have now that I share in my classes could really help you be better informed and understand more about your body, my classes are more than yoga, there’s birth prep included – some of which may complement other classes you’re considering.

I know how it feels to go through a bad birth experience. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this. I CARE so much and this is why I retrained and left the corporate world.  I feel so strongly that I can help you and I will do everything I can to help as many women as possible have a positive pregnancy and a positive start on their journey with a new life.

I also know what it’s like to feel isolated as a new mum.  This is why community and Mothers Supporting Mothers is at the heart of what I do.

Postnatal Wellbeing

I will openly admit I find being a mother incredibly difficult, I can’t pretend otherwise, I’m one of those deeply honest people, (could get me in to trouble one of these days!) however I always speak from the heart, which cliche as it may sound is truly worn on my sleeve.  BIG TIME.  I suffered for 18 months with postnatal depression after my first son.  It took me to the darkest place anyone could ever find themselves, I nearly walked away.  I couldn’t cope.  However I turned it round and I am stronger than I knew I ever could be and I believe for me, I went through it so I could better understand the difficulties of motherhood, depression and so I can support women now with compassion.

So, being able to talk, about anything, the highs and the lows helps us massively.  I always want women I work with to know I’ve been there and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  We have an uplifting vibe in our community which is fabulous, however it’s for what ever people need.  I believe making connections with people is just as fundamental as taking care of yourself in pregnancy and birth preparation, I encourage women to meet up before and after our babies are born, we make new friends, people share tips, we share leaky boob stories and frankly TMI!  We may talk about a milestone, we may shed a few tears and we will drink tea.

Other than my two very different pregnancies and births, PND and being a PND survivor and my mothering “experiences”, also I’ve undergone extensive training with the amazing company, MamaBabyBliss. I’ve covered anatomy and physiology training and research, completing case studies, essays and practical assessments.  I’ve undergone Postnatal training, Birth Trauma Recovery training and I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for approximately 7 years.

I’m a wife and the mum of two smart, funny, totally full on boys!  Life is a bit cray cray at times 😉 however I wouldn’t change it because it’s through my experiences with them I discovered my true life’s purpose to help women like me.

I’m fun and a bit quirky, I’m a supporter of women and mothers and believe we’re all awesome!

Come and join me, I’d love to welcome you.