Clare Curtis


Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to Clare Curtis Wellbeing, I’m so happy you found me ~ you’re in the right place if you’re seeking a heart led, honest and compassionate person to help you on the next step of self discovery and healing.

I believe every woman who enables herself to heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level creates a ripple effect for the next generation and for the women around them. We are breaking old patterns and cycles by healing and informing ourselves.

It’s so vital to me that women know how much power they have, how capable they are once we start to remember knowledge that would have been passed on to us many many moons ago from generation to generation.  My work from Preganancy Yoga and Birth Preparation to becoming the founder of #Mothers Supporting Mothers to subsequently continue working with energy, frequency and using our innate divine feminine wisdom has helped me to help women at whichever season they are in. What excites me is that the *magic* we have and can tap into is logical, science and nature led ~ it leads me to believe even more in the power of Gaia, Mother Earth as our healer, the power of our womb space, our cyclical nature, our bodies and all that is unseen and still waiting to be explored within the mainstream culture.

I have spoken at female empowerment events about my discoveries and personal healing to move closer to the sovereignty and the balance between masculine and feminine energy. To embody the wisdom and experience I have grown through and to share positively the pain that I have alchemised into gold with other women is truly wonderful.  

My understanding of the divine feminine has come from deep healing over thirty plus years from childhood trauma, birth trauma, mother and father wound healing and breaking ancestral patterns through my lineage. Everything I have learnt personally intertwined with knowledge and training has helped me to Re-member and Re-awaken to the ancient wisdom we all hold and of greater significance ~ our power as women, conduits as creators with our womb space being our seat of power. As a healer, lightworker, teacher and mentor I want to guide as many women back to their inherent knowledge and wisdom as are willing to.

I am always finding ways to support women and empower them using various skills and modalities. As well as one to one in person and distant healing sessions I also hold Women’s Circles and Women’s Retreats.  Feminine energy is rising and the necessity of ensuring we are being our whole, fully authentic selves is part of creating more balance. 

I believe in Sisterhood, Knowledge, Love and honouring the Goddess in each of us. 

With love