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What is a Women’s Circle

Women's Circle Essex

I have been holding space on and off for women for over seven years. I believe every woman can benefit from the connection and sisterhood that comes with them.

Women’s Circles were for a long time a huge tradition, they still are in some form across different cultures.

There is a lot to RE-learn about the traditions of women’s circles and why they’re important to our communities and to women’s overall wellbeing and there is also a lot behind why they phased out, which is why the healing is important as we find our way back to ourselves and each other without fear.

Women need to RE-member the importance of Sisterhood and the gathering of women holds so much potential to heal, women as a collective, our community, our world. 

A Women’s Circle or Red Tent is time for you, to reconnect to yourself and your sisters. To reconnect to our divine feminine power. 

A women’s circle brings us back to our roots. connecting us to ancient traditions and vital knowledge we’ve lost, our true nature. Together we find our way back to ourselves through rituals and sharing of our energy.

Holding space for women is an honour.  Each circle will have a slightly different theme although the format remains fundamentally the same.  When I hold space the room will be, cleansed and protected and filled with energy that is pure love and of the highest intended frequency. All aspects of the circle are optional, you can just come and soak in our collective energy.  Come whether you feel you need or it or whether you wish to support other women, your energy is always welcome no matter where you’re at. 

You can bring crystals, photos of loved ones to place on the altar or anything else you wish to be infused with the energy in the room we create. 

If you know someone that would benefit from our circle please invite them they will be made to feel very welcome. I know it can be a bit nerve wracking coming to something not knowing what to expect and we’ve all been there. It’s worth it.