Womb Connection Session 15th May Online


5 Places available


May 15th 6pm – 7pm ONLINE via Zoom

This session will include;

~ discover how you may have become disconnected to your own unique seat of power

~ explore how reconnecting with your womb could unlock further untapped potential

~ how it can benefit you to reconnect to your womb space and your unique divine feminine gift

~ simple tips to help you begin the journey of reconnection to your womb space

~ a beautiful live healing meditation to help you tap into your womb wisdom, this will be infused with Divine Feminine healing energy

If you would like to join me please book your FREE space and a zoom link will be sent 24 hours prior to the event.

I  look forward to welcoming you into the sacred space I am creating for you to connect or re-connect to your unique womb wisdom.

Much love 





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