Birth Preparation

Birth preparation leigh-on-sea

As well as pregnancy yoga, I can also help with Birth Preparation for you and your birth partner. Incorporating knowledge, tools and techniques that will help you approach your baby’s birth feeling informed and empowered.

Birth Preparation is suitable at any time during pregnancy.  During my course, I’ll show you techniques that you can then practice with your birthing partner throughout.  

The workshop is designed to help you and your birthing partner feel more empowered about birth and move forward in pregnancy and beyond as a team.

During the workshop we will cover:

  • The importance of relaxation, developing trust and communication in pregnancy now with your birth partner
  • The importance of your mindset as part of your birth prep
  • The capabilities of our body in childbirth
  • Breathing techniques and other tools to help you both in the moment
  • The birth partners role and their importance to help labour progress
  • The importance of your birth environment
  • You will learn about the process of labour
  • Understand what can help labour to flow more easily and naturally
  • Learn what your birth partner can do during labour
  • You will learn couples birthing positions
  • Light touch massage for pregnancy and birth
  • The fourth trimester and postnatal care

PLUS you will also receive a Birth Preparation information pack with useful resources for you and your birth partner.

Mum will be able to join a private FB group with other new and expectant mums and join me at future events I organise for the women I support in pregnancy and beyond.