I’m a Reiki Master, Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner and a Pregnancy Yoga and birth preparation teacher. I’m also qualified to teach Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Postnatal Classes. I do all of this with the heartfelt intention to help more mothers have a positive start in motherhood, reduce in some way the chances of women struggling alone needlessly and to encourage a community of women that lift each other!


I offer private reiki sessions for any female drawn to me, I also offer Mum and Baby Fourth Trimester reiki sessions or perhaps just for your Baby. Reiki is gentle and can help with all aspects of healing, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Traumatic Birth Recovery

Traumatic Birth Recovery is a process using the Rewind technique and is effective at any point after the birth of your baby, it could be years down the line. If you’re experiencing symptoms of PTSD since the birth of your baby I can help turn the dial down on those symptoms and feelings in just three sessions.

Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation

Pregnancy Yoga classes are relaxed and informative complementing any other birth preparation you may be undertaking. These classes help you to be more comfortable in pregnancy and provide tools and opportunities to practice techniques that will prepare you for an active birth and motherhood. Birth Preparation is also something I can help with for you and your birth partner. Incorporating knowledge, tools and techniques that will help you approach your baby’s birth feeling informed and empowered.

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Postnatally I run heart centred Baby Massage courses designed to be kept small for the best interests of babies and creating a space for mums to be nurtured and connect in a positive way. I also teach Baby Yoga six week courses which are another way to help babies development and for mums to spend quality time having fun whilst increasing bonding.

Postnatal Wellbeing

Postnatal Wellbeing classes are designed as time for you to centre yourself in the busy world as a mum. Each class is time for you to practice self care. We will practice gentle movements, stretches and breath work and relaxation. Babies welcome!

Retreats and Reiki Training

Wellbeing Mini Retreats and Reiki Training are coming in 2019!


  • Pregnancy Yoga Monthly Block APRIL| MAY |JUNE | JULY
  • Baby Massage 20th March – 1st May (Excludes 10th April)
  • Baby Yoga 24th April – 5th June (Excludes 29th May) | 12th June – 17th July
  • Postnatal Wellbeing Starting 24th April 4 Week Blocks
  • 24th April-15th May | 22nd May – 19th June | 26th June – 17th July
  • Mothers Breathe & Bloom Mini Retreat SUNDAY 12th May
  • Reiki I Training – 8th June 2019

All of these are available to book via the SHOP or by contacting me via the contact page.

With Love & Light xx