Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique that’s non-invasive and compliments and enhances other treatments and therapies.  It boosts self healing and the immune system, although you don’t need to be unwell to benefit from Reiki!

I’ve been using Reiki as a therapy since 2010 and have helped many people with a variety of healing needs from migraines, healing post op, pre and postnatal pregnancy related healing for mum and baby.  I use it on myself and for my own family and it never ceases to amaze me how effective it can be.

Reiki for Women

Reiki can bring a sense of balance and calm into our lives.  It can give us the boost we need when we need it and it can help us heal emotional, physical and psychological issues we may be experiencing.  It’s comforting, gentle and relaxing.

Reiki in Pregnancy

Unborn babies love reiki as do pregnant mothers.  Reiki can help ease physical or emotional tension, like anxiety, tiredness and sickness and painful muscles, joints or spine.  Reiki can help women feel more positive and connected to her baby.  This is ideal if live is busy, hectic and stressful.  Taking time to enjoy reiki whist pregnant can help bonding, having experienced post natal depression with my first child I know the importance of this and how this time can help reduce the chances of perinatal mental health issues.  Reiki is wonderfully relaxing at a time that can be worrying for some mums to be.

Mum and Baby

Becoming a mother is amazing yet it can also be a deeply challenging time.  Whilst a Reiki treatment together can’t be guaranteed to be relaxing it can still be greatly beneficial and a special experience for you both.

For Mum it could increase confidence in our abilities and help to balance emotions as well as help with tiredness and physical healing.

Baby & Children

As Reiki treats the body as a whole it can help to heal what our babies can’t tell us about.  Reiki can ease colic, reflux, teething, temperatures, side effects from medication and difficult births.  Babies receiving reiki may sleep better and feel more content and settled.

Treatment time is shorter for babies on their own however an hour is still the required time for the session.

Children can be treated too, I often give my children Reiki when they need it! I you have a toddler we can have an “on the move session” so don’t fear they don’t have to be still!


After growing an amazing human being and bringing them into the world Reiki can help with a mothers healing.  It’s difficult to find time for yourself as a mum yet these sessions can be a real boost for a happier, healthier more relaxed mum.  It’s crucial to look after yourself so that you can also look after your baby or children, this time can help a mother with the many changes that are happening at this time in their life.  Reiki can help ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood.


  • All Reiki sessions are £40 for an hour and held at The Dawn Lister Therapy Centre, Leigh Broadway
  • For your comfort and ease I can also offer home visits for a minimum additional fee of £10, depending on location.

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” I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Clare to help with stressful events in life when I’ve felt the need for time out for myself. I find the sessions so relaxing, walking away feeling like I’ve had a thorough mind and body massage. Clare has the most amazing energy and hands down her treatments provide a better experience of Reiki than I’ve experienced with others. I truly believe she has a gift. She is intuitive, caring and passionate about what she does”


“My Reiki sessions with Clare helped to restore balance and calm to my hectic, and often stressful life as a busy working Mum. The sessions themselves were relaxing and soothing but I felt the real benefits post treatment. Clare’s Reiki gave me renewed energy throughout my body as well as better sleep patterns. I would highly recommend Clare’s treatments and have complete confidence in her as a practitioner.”


“I was a little unsure of how this could possibly work but was completely thrown by how accurate and informed Clare was with key conditions that I had not mentioned to her.  Totally recommend her. Fantastic session and would recommend to everyone.”



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