Why #Mothers SupportingMothers?

  • Because we have the power to change the world
  • By losing judgement/ comparison and competition we just see each other
  • We see how we are all the same
  • We see how we have more in common than not
  • We see how our differences are a gift to learn from each other
  • We unite and encourage
  • We don’t encourage a dog eat dog culture or isolate.  We invite in, we put down barriers, we create community, we create solidarity, we create human beings that are inclusive, that connect with others and are happy because of it
  • Connection is what we live for.  Connection can create harmony.  It can create understanding, can create a hopeful, positive future for our children


We lead by example.  So what kind of world do you want for your children and your childrens’ children?


  • I would like a world where my children feel safe, protected, optimistic, trust others and don’t always assume the worst, when my children are adults I want them to see that the world is an amazing place full beauty and wonder, full of fascinating people to meet and learn from, I want them to feel confident lending a hand to a stranger without fear of repercussions, I want them to be happy, I want them to live in a world that remembers the importance of community and connection.  I want them to feel good about the company they keep and the way they behave kindly towards others.
  • I would like a world with men and women are supported to be themselves and be happy, our feminine and masculine energy in balance, I would like a world where a mothers’ value is recognised, where a mother is supported and lifted by other women when she needs it.
  • Motherhood is more than raising children, it can unite us, together we can make a difference and we can shape the future.
  • We are creating the future today, every day.
  • It starts with #MothersSupportingMothers

This is my WHY.  This is my mission.  It starts with one mother, she supports two mothers in a moment of need, they in turn do the same.  We sometimes do this instinctively, it’s in our nature to nurture, this is strength and we need to acknowledge our power to make a difference in this way.

It doesn’t matter what we have or don’t have, we are all equal, motherhood is a level playing field.  We are all doing what we can with what we know.  If we support mothers and each other we are creating a better foundation for our children.  If every mother has the support she needs then she is ok, her family is ok, the community benefit from this.  Mothers are under immense pressure, we have to learn how we can help each other so we can create the community that these days is missing.

Culture has changed, we may live far from friends and family so instead as Mothers we need to create a new support network amongst other mothers.  We need to create a new generation of “community”.  We need to celebrate motherhood, we need to always know we aren’t alone.

I feel that we need #MothersSupportingMothers

Thank you for reading this and I hope it resonates with you