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Calling all Suffragettes

Women's Circle Leigh-on-sea

Suffragette, Sister, I’m sorry we haven’t continued the cause, we thought the cause was about was the right to vote and “equal” rights, it was so much more than that. We didn’t fully see what we should’ve been fighting for, we didn’t see we were being deceived. It wasn’t about us having the same opportunities as men it was about us being free to be a woman.

Free to know ourselves as we haven’t in centuries, know our bodies, understand our cycles and how we are meant to work and create, when we’re meant to rest and when to be productive. Not work in the way a man can. 

It’s about understanding and embracing our life giving bodies fully, not allowing ourselves to birth on our back, instead listening to our birthing wisdom. It’s was not allowing birth to become a masculine process so we no longer trust ourselves, it was about reclaiming a feminine birth using masculine energy when it was needed. We should understand the power of placenta and the power of breast from an early age. We should KNOW our bodies.  We should have been fighting for more research into our female bodies and its needs.

We shouldn’t tolerate lack of studies and research into gynaecology, women’s hormones and women’s health. We shouldn’t be prescribed chemicals for our health, masking problems. We shouldn’t have a market for incontinence pads we should be provided with essential pelvic floor care after birth. We shouldn’t be made to feel we’re “crazy” from hormones or as we age we should hide it. Hide our wisdom, hide the stories our body tells.  

We should be in tune with our true selves, we deserve respect for the powerful beings we are, no one else can create life the way a woman can. We have forgotten that we have the most important job of all, we are tied to creation, whether we are a mother or not we are creators, we are connected to Mother Earth – yet we have turned our back on her too. We lost sight of our mother and our home to pursue a masculine dream of MORE, more things, more stuff, more ego, more more more…. believing it’ll make us successful, believing we need to keep reaching one goal then the next then the next, losing our mindfulness, losing our peace. Losing human connections to connect with an object, a game, a tv, a car, objects galore. This is what we’ve been led to believe we need. Yet to believe all this is keep us in our place. The irony. 

The disconnection from each other divides us further keeping the powerful powerful til they get to this point when they control our bodies! A woman’s body is her right, her right to choose what happens to it.

We shouldn’t be letting men in power decide what happens to a woman’s body, we should have autonomy over our bodies, we should be in a better place now. Yet we are heading for destruction, losing control of what rightfully belongs to us if we no longer take action. Had we continued moving forward in the right way we wouldn’t have to be lifting the lid on truths forgotten, we wouldn’t have to put up with this new level of oppression for women.

I’m so angry we have a culture designed to make us feel inadequate and not good enough, a culture that makes us feel we always need more, that we need to compare, that we need to compete, that we need to focus on ourselves and not our community that we are divided. We are so divided we can’t come together, we either bury our heads in the sand waiting for someone else to resolve the issues we have or we do nothing at all except talk about how outrageous it is.  This is what they want, those in power, a disjointed barely causing a stir hum in the background. Back to our job, our homes and our kids we go.

Our men. Our men need to understand what we’re up against, but they are not from a place of repression and fear. It’s hard for them to understand our anger and why we need to act. Yet they will understand when the balance is equal, they will see then how they’ve been living half a life, backed into a corner of expectation and made to hide their needs.

I barely scratch the surface at the inequalities between men and women, some I can’t even fathom that are happening ingrained in cultures here and around the world.  Women need to stand together – you are all my sisters and it breaks my heart when you don’t see it. We should be uniting. We should be linking arms, shoulder to shoulder.  We should be chaining ourselves to railings. What are we to do to? I despair.

Women are goddesses! Women bring balance, harmony and life! Are we forgetting life, life to projects, life to art, life to music? Women mother their families, their pets, their friends. Every woman is a mother. Every woman deserves to know and feel her strength and power. Why do we continue to not see it or let people take it away?

It’s about respect for ourselves. It’s about no longer believing the bullshit we are the weaker sex. We are NOT the weaker sex so let’s stop playing victim, let’s stand up for ourselves, let know ourselves better. You don’t know how powerful you are sister! You have no clue because the truth has been hidden, from you, from me for too long. The veil has lifted and we start to see glimpses. It may make you uncomfortable at first but keep looking, keep moving towards your true power. 

Before it’s too late.

There is no equality. You’re deceived. I get you don’t want to be angry, I get this might make you uncomfortable. I get that you’ve a lot going on in your life. I get that you’re smart and don’t like to think of yourself as being manipulated. It makes my blood boil to think of the many manipulations I uncover. Without anger there would be no action. Without action there will be no change. 

Listen up! Wake up!

It’s all very well saying we’re not happy, things need to change but sisters what are WE going to do?


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