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Let’s talk balls… pregnancy and balls!

How’s that for a headline?!

So I’m not actually as crude as to talk about balls of the “other” variety and to be honest I’m far too English to say this out loud without blushing!

This is about why you need a birthing ball in your life when you’re pregnant.

They are wonderful inventions for pregnancy and birth and I’m going to share with you some of the ways you’ll benefit from using one.

  • Sit on it! It takes the pressure off your back and makes you sit upright with your core engaged,  good posture is essential to help your baby get into optimal position and to reduce the chances of pelvic girdle pain (SPD). 
  • You can practice pelvic tilts as you rock back and fourth
  • You can bounce on it.
  • You can sit with your feet flat and still and rotate your hips, this helps with hip mobility, toning your uterus and in birth “rotate to dilate!”
  • You can use it to lean on when on all fours/ on your knees (My fave thing when watching TV and pregnant! All part of my plan to ensure my baby had the best chance to get into optimal position i.e head down and not breach or back to back!) This is softly supporting you whilst making the best use of gravity to create space for your baby and in labour the semi upright position will allow you to use gravity to help your baby move down….
  • You can use the ball to practice squats against the wall in pregnancy  helping you tone aiding your pelvis mobility. Perhaps in labour too if your instinct are telling you to squat.
  • You can use it during birth as a prop to sit on, perhaps whilst receiving light touch massage from someone behind you.  You can lean on it in an all fours type position, or kneeling in an upright childs pose.
  •  It will keep you active and moving and making use of gravity.  All of which is enabling you and your baby.

The ball is a bit of magic….  pregnancy bliss in fact so get one, sit on it, move on it, get comfortable with it and help it get you comfortable!

Golden rules for a pregnancy ball and for sitting in general when your pregnant…

  • Ensure your ball is pumped up enough so that your hips are higher than your knees!  This creates more space for your bump and baby, encouraging your baby to move into an optimal position and should be more comfortable as your bump becomes bigger.
  • If you feel a little wobbly on a pregnancy ball, whilst you get used to it, roll up a towel and place it around the base to prevent the ball from moving 😉

You can also use your ball postnatal too, perhaps days after the birth if you’re a little sore and beyond that to help with you core.  My small boys love them too!

That’s all for now folks!  Enjoy.